What Do You Do When You Fall?

Earlier this year I attended the theater to watch Captain Marvel. Anticipation for the movie was high as it was being cited as the first female-led superhero movie and given that Marvel has been succeeding at producing high-quality movies even after so long, it was poised to do well. I enjoyed it, as if there would have been any doubt, however, there was a part of the story, of Carol Danvers’ personality, that I really connected with. It was that no matter how often she was knocked down, fell down, or failed, she stood back up. She was relentless.

We all have choices. Often, we believe that we don’t, but we do. One of those choices is whether to give up or to press forward. I’ve come face to face with that choice repeatedly. In my writing, it’s almost a continuous decision as I stare down the corridor of continued lack of success. Afterall, things would be easier if I were to give up.

I’d have more time for playing video games.

I’d be able to catch up on watching all those shows I’ve wanted to watch.

I’d be able to read more (granted… I do need to read more).

I’d have more ability to goof off.

The only problem: I’d have given up on my dream. I’d have to let go of something that is an integral part of who I am.

I have only one choice after each time I see myself as having failed: get back up. Try again.

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