Learning to Love Books Again

Unlike what the title infers, I’ve never not loved books. I love books. Sometimes a little more than my wallet would accept. But despite this love, I’ve had years of struggle in being able to read with any regularity. And as a writer, this is downright blasphemous.

I’ve been on streaks in the past where I can polish off a book a day, or at least one per week. Lately, however, I struggle to read even a book a month. In some cases, sure it could be in the choices I make for what I read, but moreover I learned to just put those books aside and move on. Ignore the books that I am just not into, so that is less of a problem than the days in the past where I believed that I MUST finish a book that I started. These days I just find myself out of time by the day’s end without any pages turned. And I find myself saddened by this.

One of many stacks of books in my house awaiting reading.

Solutions abound though. Small hack on how to read more are available aplenty on the internet. In realistic ways, time is ever available. All those moments playing on a cell phone? Reading time. A lot of pages can be covered in multiple 5 minute stretches. Seems easy, but it seems that I don’t like easy.

Again, I drift into that pool of distractions. Those shiny electronic objects are forever pulling attention in despite life around us. We claim boredom, or even the need to carry on a conversation via messenger, texting or whathaveyou, even though there are better things in front of us. Whatever excuse I claim, what is evident is that I am not reading (or writing) as frequently as I would like.

What would it take to change that?

Just read more: the simple answer. Too simple of an answer if you ask me. Nothing is ever that simple when talking in this realm, especially when talking time management and the convenience of distraction. Deliberate actions in trying to unlearn what technology has instilled in me will be what it takes. Replace the habits with reading (or writing). Commitments to leave my phone behind and only carry my nook, kindle, or a physical book will be not only prudent, but necessary. If I persist, I might just be able to relearn what books truly mean to me.

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