Waste Nation

Here is going to be one of those posts where I am essentially posing a question. There are things that I observe and for one reason or another they make sense to me only if I view them from a certain angle. It doesn’t mean that I have any idea if the angle I am viewing from is right, wrong, weird, or paranoid. I am questioning what I am seeing. In this case, it is the observation that the United States is a country of waste. Why?

Waste can be anything. It can be the garbage we throw away. The fact that “disposable” items are so marketable here. How much time we all waste on social media instead of being constructive. The empty buildings standing there while new construction takes place less than a mile away. Buying a new car long before the old car is ready to go. It’s numerous factors that have me thinking that American culture has cultivated a society where being wasteful is ingrained in our psyche.

Business has a hand in this too I think. This idea of constant growth cannot stand next to a concept of sustainability. Money can’t be made if products last too long or if consumers can’t be convinced to replace model x with model x2000.

What can we do to break this? I am sure that this can’t be good for us.

Just some thoughts…

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