An Email of Epic Proportions!

Father’s day was just last weekend. For it, one of the things I got was the book “Your First 1000 Copies,” by Tim Grahl. It is a book that I specifically requested given my writing and the eventuality that I do really want to make my writing my career.

Now, it’s a great book. But this isn’t a book review. It’s a this-is-what-is-coming-soon post. An email list!

“Really?” you ask. “What the hell do I care?”

Here’s the deal. I belong to a few email lists for writers and other products I enjoy. I ignore many of them as I am sure others do too. But I am far more likely to at least look them over occasionally than any interaction on social media. An email list just makes more sense.

Still not convinced?

Take my thoughts on social media. I’ve dumped it before. I have a low following now, and even with a large following, I argue that social media follows a 1% rule. At any given time only 1% of your followers maybe see an update. Selling things, or informing people through social media is just a spotty proposition. There’s more behind this, but like my current life, I just am not going to spend that much time on social media.

Email. First, it’s for people who want to be updated. I don’t have to pay to get posts seen. They go to an inbox. Unless someone purposely filters them out, they have the best chance of being seen. Second, I can cram more into an email than a social media post. But then comes the questions: what?

What do I email those who sign up?

I had no idea of what incentive to use to *cough* lure people in. I don’t want to ask people to sign up without a trade. Then, once they sign up, what do I write in the emails? What do I send them? I need to be able to offer something of use to others, even if it is entertainment. No one wants just emails of events, or sales pitches (“hey, buy my new book, please!”), or a list of my blog posts.

I’ve seen people who send free ebooks… an idea. But usually, the ebooks are little 20 page pdf files. The thought never occurred to me…

Now I am reading the above book and Tim speaks about the incentives for signing up to an email list. My sponge of a brain appearing to be too saturated to react finally absorbs the concept: give away a story exclusively for email subscribers. Ding, ding, ding! Ok then, what story?

This last part was pinging around in my brain for some time. I thought of a short story, but I didn’t have one completed and ready except for Into Fire’s Den, which I am planning an ebook release to Amazon soon. Good idea. But it didn’t sit right with me. It just didn’t seem like the right story.

Then it hit me…

My first novel.

Years ago, in my late teens and early 20’s, I wrote a book. It’s not a terrible book, but it just isn’t a great book. It’s my first book. First attempt at a plot, character development, etc. I’ve been meaning to go through it and rewrite it, but for some time I have thought to just abandon it in favor of other projects. What if I just gave that novel away?

So that is what I am going to do.

Once I format the book, I will be giving away my very first written book, “Demon Whispers” (a supernatural thriller) away as a pdf-version ebook for FREE for anyone who wants to sign up for my email list!

Other incentives? I am planning special content releases such as character bios, drawings, exclusive flash fiction, and more only for email subscribers! Not to mention email subscribers will get all the advanced notice when new books are coming out, and notices on events I will be participating in.

You can sign up HERE.

Or by not ignoring the pop-up that came and went when visiting the site.

Or go to the footer or sidebar (when I finish setting them up).

While I am not ready to send out the book yet, I will be giving it to anyone already subscribed and then to newcomers. Why not sign up? Unless of course you don’t like my writing, but then why did you read this far?

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