Words to Ponder #1

I’ve decided to try another regular feature on this site, something that is relatively easy (vs trying to come up with a short story each week for Free Fiction Friday… which might happen some time in the future). Anyway, the point of this one is simply a quote, passage, phrase, or what-have-you that strikes me in some way.

Along with the quote I may or may not leave a little commentary after it, my own thoughts on it or how it might impact me in my life.

For the near future, this will be happen on Thursdays at my favorite time of the day to post, 9am US Central time. I might change days as I build this site. We’ll see.

“Other people’s heads are a wretched place for your self-worth to live.”

Chris Williamson of the Modern Wisdom podcast

The Modern Wisdom Podcast is a great one to listen to. Each episode is a great exploration into life and how to live better. This quote, I believe said during his interview with Danica Patrick (might’ve even been said on her podcast – “Pretty Intense”), is a good example of the simple pieces of wisdom one can grasp from Chris.

It is true. We should be wary of allowing others to be responsible for our self-worth. How can we trust them to give it the care it deserves? We should guard it. Cultivate it. Own it.

It truly is a hard lesson to learn in life.


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