What We’re Not Getting

We are closing in on a full year since the beginning of the COVID-19 worldwide response. By this time in 2020, China had already been working with the start of the virus there, but much of the rest of the world appeared rather oblivious to it.

Now, while this post isn’t exactly a political comment, it will deal in part with the whole thing.
The thing is, at almost a year in to the lockdowns, mask demands, etc, etc, people are growing tired. And while one might think that it is the lockdowns that have everyone stressed, like we all just want to get things back to normal, I propose a differing opinion on the matter.
We simply want honesty. We don’t expect perfection, we just want the truth. We expect consistently, even when things shift and change as information comes out. We expect our leaders to be better.

Our leaders are always supposed to be the examples of those qualities we wish we had in ourselves. It gets slippery when we start to see the leaders not only contradicting themselves, but doing so flippantly, as though it doesn’t matter, as though they are allowed to be and shouldn’t be questioned. They behave as though the rules don’t apply to them. Then, when information changes, they act like it was always the case, counting on people to not pay attention.

Yet we are paying attention. It might not be as acute as many in the political sphere, but people see it. We all know its happening. Until those people in those positions start to see it, the public will continue to grow more tense. Until they realize that we don’t expect a perfect response to the virus, we only expect an honest response… who knows what will happen.

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