My New Favorite Podcast

I’ve not looked for a new podcast in quite a long time. In fact, I’ve been so far behind in the podcasts I did listen to that I’ve been unable to look elsewhere. Then it was a fortunate mention in Grammar Girl a few episodes back that caught my ears, sending me immediately back into the Apple podcast catalog to subscribe.

That podcast? LeVar Burton Reads.

Yes, LeVar Burton. The original host of Reading Rainbow, a show I adored when I was younger. (He was also in Roots and Star Trek: Next Generation.)

The first episode I am listening to is “Kwoon,” by Charles Johnson, part of the 4th season. Needless to say, I nearly cried hearing LeVar’s voice over the headphones. I’ll be slowly going back through the catalog to listen to them all.

Download an episode yourself. It’s so worth it.

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