Free Fiction Friday – Safe to Move

Every Friday (or close to every Friday) I am posting a short work of fiction that will be free to read on my site. Please enjoy this week's piece! Safe to Move by Jeremy C Kester It was a brief, momentary flash of light.  Whatever it was, I was blinded. It came out of nowhere … Continue reading Free Fiction Friday – Safe to Move

My Seat

I looked up from the book curiously.  She was standing there with a stern look on her face.  “Do you mind?” she asked rudely.  Truthfully, I didn’t.  She was now annoying me.  “That is my seat,” she continued. “I doubt that,” I replied as I went back to the book.  It wasn’t until I smelled … Continue reading My Seat


The last bite sat satisfactorily on his fork.  Daniel gazed at it knowing of the flavor it held.  Smiling, he took his eyes to glance at her.  She sat comfortably across from him enjoying her own meal.  Noticing him watching her, she paused and smiled.  A small pang beat in the man’s chest as their … Continue reading Silence

The Walk

The air was a calm, cool blanket wrapped around Jessica.  Her tender body moved through it gracefully.  Her hair blew only slightly as she moved forward down the walk. A small leaf flew down and caught a few strands.  A tiny, beautiful hand reached to it untangling it from her hair.  Juliana glanced down, watching … Continue reading The Walk