Rainbow Skies – a poem

"Rainbow Skies"a poem by Jeremy C Kester Catch a rainbow,Falling from the sky.Landing in the pot of gold,The illusion of the fading eye.Stand behind a glass and see,A world awaiting,From what I understand,the light to walk away,From us.I don’t want the light to dance,from this floor,my feet do land upon.Fall away,will the floor again,my feet … Continue reading Rainbow Skies – a poem

Bird Calls – a poem

"Bird Calls"a poem by Jeremy C Kester There is focusWord in front to bedigestible — to consumein meYet the bird callsDistraction thereYet sentences callforth and in front of eyesnot to fallAnd yet the Sun beckonsFocus mustbe had and torture fewDesires knock againstthe well worn pewTo kneel at the chaos callAnd steady my gazeTo word’s amaze … Continue reading Bird Calls – a poem