Bird Calls – a poem

"Bird Calls"a poem by Jeremy C Kester There is focusWord in front to bedigestible — to consumein meYet the bird callsDistraction thereYet sentences callforth and in front of eyesnot to fallAnd yet the Sun beckonsFocus mustbe had and torture fewDesires knock againstthe well worn pewTo kneel at the chaos callAnd steady my gazeTo word’s amaze … Continue reading Bird Calls – a poem

Upon The Edge Between – a poem

"Upon The Edge Between"a poem by Jeremy C Kester Simple flowerThe balance of lifeAnd Death’s throwsWe exist in betweenTogether in this timeHowever brief it isBefore we move onChoosing one orChosen upon the other beThrust upon usTo drive us fromThis life of midexistance Poem written by Jeremy C Kester©2021 Jeremy C Kester – All Rights Reserved