How to Support

Clicking this page was either an accident, or you are genuinely curious as to how to support me. Please understand that it is my goal to move this site to be ad-free (right now you will see wordpress sponsored ads… I do not control this without paying for it, nor do I see any of the money). Your help will enable me to do that. Your help will also support my future plans to release a webcomic (or multiple webcomics), more free stories, as well as increasing the quality of future writing projects as I would be able to afford editors and digital artists.

For those interested supporting me through Patreon, I am releasing a new short story each month for patrons. Click the image below or to the side.

Not interested in buying a book, supporting through Patreon, or you just feel the need to throw a little added money my way, you can always buy me a coffee (or a beer) through Ko-Fi by clicking the “Buy Me a Coffee” button to the side.

Here is some information on even better ways to lend your support:

  • Buy a book, or more than 1 book. Click up at the links above in the menu bar. Buying one of my books, print or ebook, helps a great deal. A large % of the cost goes right back to me. AND you get something out of it. In many cases ebooks are only $0.99 and never will be more than $5.
  • Write a review. If you’ve read a book of mine, give it a rating on Amazon. This indeed helps others find my work and decide on whether or not to buy.
  • Share any of my updates about my work, be it a blog post or a book, on social media networks. Here’s my accounts:
  • Tell a friend! If you know a friend who enjoys reading and one of my stories looks to be in their preferred genre, tell them about me! Or even gift one of my stories to them.

Right now these are the most effective ways to help me gain traction on this crazy dream of mine to make a viable career out of writing. Thanks for checking my site out!

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