What I Wrote In March

Happy Easter, everyone. Yet another month of writing is now done! I crawled across the finish line this past month as the last days coincided with a holiday weekend filled with lots of family activities and Easter bunny-ing for the kid. But I still hit my target, and I was able to write every day … Continue reading What I Wrote In March


Making a Patreon

So one last quick post on just how good things are going and plans for the future, then I will go back to posts that are more about things I enjoy outside of writing: book reviews, social stuff, and other non-writing specific things. I am writing this post after having just made Sunday the 30th … Continue reading Making a Patreon

My USB Drive Broke

Fortunately I made a backup not very long before it crashed... yet I still feel it as a huge inconvenience. So this is the only update today. Just enough to tell you that my drive crashed and I am saving all that I can before continuing my writing.