Nearing Completion

I am just about ready. It’s getting very close. I haven’t published anything since December 2016. Most of my projects have been in some form of initial draft. This year I should at least get 3 different stories out. I am damn close. Over the weekend, Of Earth and Ice part 2 eclipsed 20,000 words … Continue reading Nearing Completion


Last Poetry Thursday

The title is only partly true. Like with the short stories, I just don’t want to burn out trying to maintain a weekly posting ritual for poems. That being said, I will be still putting poems up onto the site, just less often. So yesterday was the last regular Thursday I am going to post … Continue reading Last Poetry Thursday

My USB Drive Broke

Fortunately I made a backup not very long before it crashed... yet I still feel it as a huge inconvenience. So this is the only update today. Just enough to tell you that my drive crashed and I am saving all that I can before continuing my writing.