How I Hate Burpees

I saw it on Twitter. Posted from Men’s Health, there was a link to an article on a woman who took the challenge to do 30 Burpees a day for at least 15 days. This meant 3 sets of 10, separated at first by 1 minute rest and eventually working it down to 0 rest. … Continue reading How I Hate Burpees

On Failing

We all fail. It seems too often to be a criteria of life in general. We make plans; we break plans. We wish to make plans; we fail to even start. We try to write the next great American sci-fi saga, we fail. Or at least I failed (so far). Life is a series of … Continue reading On Failing

Book Review: The Sleep Solution by W Chris Winter, MD

This review also appears on Amazon and Goodreads As someone who doesn’t sleep well, who was diagnosed with apnea, seeing the title of this book caused an immediate need to shove aside all other books I was reading at the time and open this one up. I am glad I did. Now, admittedly, I did … Continue reading Book Review: The Sleep Solution by W Chris Winter, MD

Which House Do I Choose?

Let’s get it straight out in the open: I am an American, so I know if this were a real scenario, I wouldn’t be going to Hogwarts anyway. I’d be going to Ilvermorny. That’s beside the point. Back to the fictional world. I love Harry Potter. My wife loves Harry Potter. My son loves Harry … Continue reading Which House Do I Choose?

Being Proactive

Day 1 Lately I have been reading far more non-fiction and self-help books than I would ever have thought in the past. My reading lists used to be exclusively fiction. Occasion one might have seen me with something other than a story, but those were often the exceptions rather than the rule. Not so much … Continue reading Being Proactive