(More) about goals and success

Before my last site was taken down as I didn’t want to give them money anymore, I had a post about measuring success vs goals and so on. Being the lazy punk I can sometimes be, I decided it better to write a new post (because new is better) instead of digging the old oneContinue reading “(More) about goals and success”

Let’s try this daily blogging thing again…

Recently I read two articles written on productivity and writing. The first was the primary inspiration for this particular blog post and the second more pointed to getting my butt up and trying. They were about daily blogging (surprise!) and the anti-to-do list. Daily blogging, as the writer had put it, changed his life. NowContinue reading “Let’s try this daily blogging thing again…”

Of Earth and Ice Updated

In the spirit of the rebuild of this site, and frankly in regards to my trying to get back on track, I have gotten my free serialized sci-fi saga “Of Earth and Ice” updated and onto Wattpad. Finally! Here is the link to them–> (CLICK HERE) or (CLICK HERE) (OR HERE!) I recommend you clickContinue reading “Of Earth and Ice Updated”