Useless Anxiety

When I walk outside, I don’t see a jaguar hunched down, ready to pounce. I don’t see a bear wandering around, or a pack of wolves, hungry, ready to make me their meal. As I go through the day, I don’t have to worry about where my next meal will come from. I don’t have … Continue reading Useless Anxiety

Dealing With Doubt

Again? Really? You may have noticed that I’ve posted every day this week at least one time. Yes, I am trying the daily blogging thing once again. Over the last year I was at best posting once a week. Once I had tried this blogging every day thing but it hadn’t gone over that well. … Continue reading Dealing With Doubt

About: Of Earth and Ice

I am getting these out a little slower than I wanted to initially, but I promise to have them all my About the Book series out in due time. This one is about my science fiction dystopian novel, "Of Earth and Ice," that I am putting out in 5 parts. Soon after will be the … Continue reading About: Of Earth and Ice