Prioritize, Plan, and Execute

The weekend came and went. It wasn’t the worst weekend, but it was also not the best. In either case, it came to my attention that I dropped the ball again in regards to this whole posting everyday thing. I just completely missed it. But you know what? That’s OK. The point of failure is … Continue reading Prioritize, Plan, and Execute

Why you should buy and read my books

Let’s face it: authors need to sell their work. We are all vying for the attention of you, the reader. And rightfully so. You are like the girl we’ve been dreaming to ask out to the prom. Why should you care though? What makes me and my work so great that you should choose me … Continue reading Why you should buy and read my books

Exercise vs Writing

With my absence for over a week, two things certainly did not happen: writing and exercise. Now coming back, there is a definitive difference in how I am responding to both as I struggle to get back into routines. First, I will discuss the exercise. When taking just a week off, I often come back … Continue reading Exercise vs Writing