in front of me – a poem

“in front of me”by Jeremy C Kester we all look behindfeeling what we can seeaheadbut only what iswantforgetting what we have this coffee smells goodin front of meand I feel like I havelessthan I wantbut what I need I can sipfor now remindedof what I havein front of mebut I will againforget Poem written byContinue reading “in front of me – a poem”

A Feeling of Memory

“A Feeling of Memory”micro-flash fiction by Jeremy C Kester Her fingers danced playfully on the keys of the piano. It had been some time since she last played and she had missed it.  Nothing in her mind could be truthful as to why she ignored it for so long. She was back though. She hadContinue reading “A Feeling of Memory”