Making Sense Of Size

I started to have an interesting conversation with my wife the other day. At one time, the pair of us were heavily into music. We’d go to concerts at innumerable places, from coffee houses to bookstores to stadiums. We spent a ton of money on CDs and such. Although there were some areas of our … Continue reading Making Sense Of Size

Getting Ahead

Day upon day upon day continues the march forward of time. Each of these days of late, a spattering of words will grace the pixels that display this site, my site. Once again, I’ve been placing the effort to maintain that daily exercise. Ideas sometimes are elusive though. They run and hide, playing with me, … Continue reading Getting Ahead

There’s Only Today

The streak stands at 18 days as of the writing of this. That’s 18 straight days of writing. It’s not the longest I’ve had since 2018, but it is notable. Within that, 16 days straight were spent building back up my fiction writing, and the last 7 of those days were over 1,000 words each. … Continue reading There’s Only Today