Sifting Sugar – a poem

“Sifting Sugar”
a poem by Jeremy C Kester

Snow drifts and sugar sifts,
I cannot imagine my world so innocent,
As angels I pray for me take away,
I refuse to allow myself to repent.

Sweet longing I, for a sweet lullaby,
I wish myself a gentle sleep,
For the bones and tired tones,
In need am I of a restful weep.

As beauty sings and bells do ring,
I hear forlorn worries in my bed.
Do tell of dreams and flowing streams,
Silence the words that I wish I never said.

Again I cannot think of innocent drink,
As the clouds of torment fly close.
And with alcohol my senses will stall.
While hide I from those feelings do engross.

This poem is part of the collection: Change of Seasons: Selected Poems. Click the link to get yourself a copy in either print or for Kindle. (Currently exclusive with Amazon, however that will change at some point in the future.)

Poem written by Jeremy C Kester
©2023 Jeremy C Kester – All Rights Reserved


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