Free Fiction Friday – Sensation

Yet another 100-word story. I’ve been working on a few other projects, so I hope to have some larger stories here in the coming weeks, although maybe not in the immediate next few weeks. Either way, these are fun to write, with a unique challenge of holding fast to that word count. They’ve helped to shake off some of the rust in my storytelling. Enjoy!

Note: See end for copyright, notes, and other restrictions/permissions.

a short story by Jeremy C Kester

The sensation was strange. Whether it was good or bad, I had yet to decide. It was definitely strange, though. I looked down to see if I had all my limbs. They were still there, even as I worried they weren’t. I was a mess, but I was intact and able to move. So I did.

Slowly, I pushed myself up, thought lagging behind my actions. Training maybe. Or anger. All I knew was that I was moving without thinking. Before I understood what caused me to fall in the first place, I charged. Unthinking of how death loomed ahead.

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