Free Fiction Friday – The Ledge

This is another 100-word story. Trying to keep this one at 100 words exactly was a little tricky. I almost feel that I could have done more were I to allow myself a 200-word limit, but hey, that’s the challenge and fun of this restriction: it pushes against my creative impulses and challenges me to look at options I wouldn’t consider if I had no restriction in word count. Anyway, here’s the 3rd story of this type I wrote. Enjoy!

Note: See end for copyright, notes, and other restrictions/permissions.

“The Ledge”
a short story by Jeremy C Kester

I stepped out onto the ledge, cautious with each step. I wanted to get a better view, although everything I could see now was spectacular. Still, I needed to get closer, as if one step made any difference.

She called behind me. It was just like her to be nervous for me. Granted, there was nothing stopping me from falling over the edge into the ravine. I doubt I’d survive. But I had to get as close as I could. Maybe it was death I needed to be closer to. As I leaned forward, I couldn’t help but to try.

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