Free Fiction Friday – Forbidden Story

This is a 100-word story. I am trying my hand at writing a few of these, so many of the FFF posts will likely be these, interlaced with other projects and such.

I like the idea of a 100-word story. It is a hard restriction of word count, and it fits into the idea of a piece of flash fiction. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these!

Note: See end for copyright, notes, and other restrictions/permissions.

“Forbidden Story”
a short story by Jeremy C Kester

She propped pillows up on her bed, careful to ensure that there would be enough space to hide it when needed. Carefully, she removed the book from its precious space, where her mother or father would be less likely to find it. Of course that was the danger of having her own library card, where she could find those stories forbidden to her. Carefully, she pulled it out and placed it with the lie that was believed to be her reading. The diversion served her well before. Quietly, she situated herself as she listened before falling into the forbidden world.

Copyright © 2023 by Jeremy C Kester – all rights reserved
Do not copy or reproduce without written permission.
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