Hope – a poem

a poem by Jeremy C Kester

I fail to understand sometimes
How desire and ambition fail
How easy it is for fear to forward
Its agenda for the way I live
Hiding the intention for its travel
And why I have become the destination
An excited traveler it is
Forged a living feeding off me
Though I am a filling meal
Filled with ambitious zeal
Until it consumes me outright
Dark matter becoming of it
Does fear understand me?
Or have I become it?
Oh, how to shed it from my skin
But somehow it will cling
A different skin to wear
Covering all that I am
Could I maybe grow a new skin?
Incorporate the fear within
To become something that overcomes
And forges a path anew despite
Its companionship
Perhaps I can find a way
To live with it by my side
Unable to drive me anymore
Maybe that is what hope is

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Poem written by Jeremy C Kester
©2023 Jeremy C Kester – All Rights Reserved


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