My Ungrateful Lord – a poem

Part of Month of the Macabre

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“My Ungrateful Lord”
a poem by Jeremy C Kester

My eyes burn, as do the fires,
All of Hades, hell awaits.
My soul thrown down and retires,
Now in Hell seal my fate.

Satan, oh pitiful Satan,
Lucifer my ungrateful Lord,
Flesh of mine eat you can,
Lucifer my ungrateful Lord.

Christian life I could have walked,
Under God to keep me whole,
Sorrowful is all I prayed and talked,
God saw my life and damned my soul.

No salvation shall I see,
Only hatred, only pain.
A tortured soul I will be,
This eternity to make me insane.

No pity on me any shall feel,
No remorse or tears shown.
My soul, my life cannot heal,
Torn from me the wings I have flown.

Lucifer my ungrateful Lord,
Place me in the river Styx,
Thought of pleasure I hoard,
Of the forgotten life I cannot fix.

In a state of flux I float,
Further and further into eternity.
Before me forever the goat,
None but him can hear my plea.

Laugh at me the heavens will,
Deny me of my peace.
Satan, blood his bitter thrill.
All my world begins to cease.

Whatever left is nothing to me,
Nothing to me falling forever.
Never the ground will I see,
Forever I fall into the never.

Darkness all around,
I suffer in eternity,
Hearing not a sound,
Heading straight to insanity!

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Poem written by Jeremy C Kester
©2021 Jeremy C Kester – All Rights Reserved

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