October is Here! Month of the Macabre 2021

Scroll to bottom of post if looking for the content warning.

It starts today! Welcome, October… The Month of the Macabre!

It is only the 2nd year that I am attempting this, so bear with me.

Anyway, so what is thing whole thing?

Month of the Macabre is (now) a yearly event on my site where I will be posting creepy, horror, and other similar stories… you know, macabre in their tenor. Even my weekly poems will move to the dark. It is to celebrate the coming of October and the buildup to Halloween.

Last year, I got only 5 stories in before I fizzled out. I wanted to do a story-a-day, which let’s face it: was and is unrealistic. At least currently. I still want to make this an annual thing, so I am going to try again with the intention of treating it like an experiment.
For the month of October, I will be posting — at random — macabre stories, starting with updated stories from last year. I will post them, a few edited and updated from last year, every few days until I run out. (There’s only 5). Flight, Trail in the Snow, Within, Dark Target, and Sleep. Once they are done, I will move into the new stories. Ones with current titles like The Motherhood of Fear, Throne of Breath, If I Were Satan, Shadow, and Spun Out. There’s a few more along with them too.

Unlike the first 5 stories, the new ones will be early drafts — not finalized. Final drafts will be finished for when I publish them in a collection, which I plan to do by the end of the year, and will plan for each year following.

Come December 1st 2021, all the stories will be removed from the site with the exception of whatever story is chosen as the title story of the collection. The plan is that I will have a collection come out once a year with that year’s stories and poems. This may or may not change pending on how each successive year pans out. Of course, stay tuned and you’ll be notified when that one comes out.

Anyway, now for the content advisory for all the stories in this celebration:

Content Advisory/Warning: the stories written for and featured in Month of the Macabre on this site (www.jeremyckester.com) may contain disturbing, horrifying, and terrible images. Some of these stories may also touch on topics such as sexual assault/abuse. There is no intention of the writer (me) to hold back on any topic. The goal is to produce horror and dark tales, and this cannot be done without touching on topics that may trigger some. It is not my intention to cause harm to anyone, nor is it my intention to glorify any of these topics.

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