Absent – a poem

a poem by Jeremy C Kester

My thoughts follow the sound of the air,
As I lay silently awake inside.
The bitter smell of my sweat surrounds me,
Reminds of what I silently dread.

These thoughts are but a treat to me.
Like the sweet taste of vanilla,
Only absent are they of the substance within.
I can only hope I am with this substance.

But still I wish myself of the breeze.
Following these sounds outside the window.
There may be a world out there,
But I can only dream to truly be of.

For more poetry, consider purchasing a copy of Jeremy’s collection: Change of Seasons: Selected Poems. Click the link to get yourself a copy in either print or for Kindle. (Currently exclusive with Amazon, however that will change at some point in the future.)

Poem written by Jeremy C Kester
©2021 Jeremy C Kester – All Rights Reserved

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