In Retrograde – a short story

“In Retrograde”
a flash-fiction short story by Jeremy C Kester
Part of Free Fiction Fridays

She blamed it on Venus. Venus was in retrograde, you know. Easy to point to for the downfall of her relationship. Nothing to do with the attitude, the pressure she put on her, or any of the other criticisms that her girlfriend, Benny, laid upon her. Nope. Venus.

It was easier like that, although she thought otherwise. It made sense. The stars and the planets had convened against her relationships. If it wasn’t Venus, it was Mars. If not Mars, then it was the constellation Virgo. They all seemed to move in the wrong directions for her.

Already the apartment they shared was empty. Mostly everything that they owned as a couple was gone. At least, she thought they owned it. It was not that way. It was more like Benny owned it all. Wasn’t all their stuff supposed to be shared? Just because Benny’s money purchased those things… it was supposed to be for them. Right?

All that was left was the apartment and some sparse belongings there for her. The alignment of the planets’ doing for certain.

She sat down on the shitty mattress and wondered why. As far as she could tell, there were no reasons that she should be so stricken by this poor luck. Why should she have so suffer. She was a good person, right? Of course! She was a vegan for starters.She even made sure that her own cat was vegan. Of course the poor animal died, but that couldn’t have been her fault! She loved animals. And she said that she loved people, although she always said that everyone else was blind and evil. She always talked about kindness — she really insisted on kindness for all.

And the environment too! Owning a car polluted the environment. Didn’t Benny understand that instead of complaining about having to drive her everywhere? Did she get how much cars hurt the environment?

Buying stuff only fed into the capitalist mindset! Even a job was overrated. But she never understood why she couldn’t hold one. Her bosses knew that if her energies weren’t right, she should have been allowed to miss work!

There were more that she did too that convinced herself that there was no reason that the stars and planets would be picking on her like they always were.

A Reiki treatment! That’s what she needed to straighten out her energies. She could hear her girlfri—— ex girlfriend, now. Benny would surely say: “when are you going to face your problems instead of hiding behind that hocus-pocus crap?” Being so closed minded to spiritual enlightenment must have been hard for Benny.

“You’re only pretending to be good!” Benny would say. How in the heavens of the goddess was it pretend?

She was so close minded. Her energies were always so messed up too. If Benny would’ve done things her way, if she would’ve stopped trying to be all “rational” and she wouldn’t have felt so closed in.
She thought to herself that she would consult the tarot on what to do next. After her Reiki. Surely she only missed something the last time.

Short story written by Jeremy C Kester
©2021 Jeremy C Kester – All Rights Reserved

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