Running – a short story

a flash-fiction short story by Jeremy C Kester
Part of Free Fiction Fridays

She was running for her life. She did not know what was following her. If anything was following her. Whatever it was, it felt more real than imagination.

They thought the planet was uninhabited. That proved to be inaccurate. Her entire team dead, she was left alone to wonder for what use it was. Whatever killed them was surely after her as well. Her heavy breathing was depleting oxygen fast. She just hoped that there was enough oxygen left to keep her alive until she got back to the ship, her only hope for survival.

She could see it: it was getting within reach.  

An overwhelming sense of thankfulness and joy came over her. It was the ‌joy that prey feels when it loses a predator. The joy of safety after evading mortal danger. It was just in time too, as she wondered if her legs could carry her any further. 

Oxygen sensors were also alarming. Reserves were low. Were she to have to go much further than the ship, it would have been something else killing her.

She could make it. All she needed to get was a little more distance. As she got close, however, the radar alerted to the object moving in quickly on her.

Too fast for her to escape.

Short story written by Jeremy C Kester
©2021 Jeremy C Kester – All Rights Reserved

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