Sleep – Month of the Macabre

a short story by Jeremy C Kester

Click here for content warning and for what “Month of the Macabre” is here.

I couldn’t say that the dream was pleasant, although it took me awhile to wake. That was the problem that my wife always said, that I slept too deep. I wish I did stay asleep though.

When I awoke, I found them on top of me. I couldn’t move; I couldn’t scream; I couldn’t even breathe. The horror that my own children, or whatever they had become, were pulling out my insides, stuffing them into their mouths. As I lost consciousness, my head fell to the side. My wife laid beside me, a look of horror on her own face as she too was eaten alive.

Story is copyright 2020 Jeremy C Kester. Please do not duplicate without written permission. Linking is permitted.

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