Month of the Macabre

Several years have gone by since this idea first appeared. It was something that came to mind as the days started to wane and leaves changed colors. Skulls and pumpkins began to decorate the outsides of houses ushering in the season of Halloween. After it first came to mind, I’ve wanted to push to write a short story either every day or every week to tickle the dark side of my writing. This year, I decided that I am going to push to make this idea a reality.

Starting October 1, 2020 and (hopefully) every day through Halloween, I will push to post one short story (or creepy poem) per day. They will be centered around the weird and the macabre (hence the name). I might go for straight out horror, while others might just be creepy and strange. They will range from only a few dozen words to a few thousand.

At least this year, the first year I am trying it, will be to help grease the writing wheels, to test whether something like this will be possible. I already have a few stories at the ready with many ideas that I want to tease out into a quick story.

Content warning here, though: these are going to be dark stories at times. Some more than others as I do not have any intentions on holding back on topic, language, or anything else. Be warned that any of the stories may contain material that may offend, trigger, or upset individuals. And just as one story might be OK by someone’s standards, it does not preclude that any other stories will be the same.

The goal of this is fun. I have no intentions outside of enjoying the process of giving this a shot. Please enjoy the stories I do post and cut me some slack as I might miss a few days or more with this being the first time I am trying this. With any luck, I hope to make this an annual thing.


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