The Dangerous Life of Agnes Pyle – Chapter 23

Note: I will be posting a chapter from The Dangerous Life of Agnes Pyle each day until the book has been fully posted. I am doing this as a way to entertain those who have been coping with the new life of social distancing, social isolation, and quarantine in the world right now in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Once complete, I will hold the book on in full on my site until 1/1/2021. On that day, it’ll no longer be accessible for free.
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The Dangerous Life of Agnes Pyle

by Jeremy C Kester
(c) Jeremy C Kester – All Rights Reserved

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Chapter 23

How are we going to get to America right now, Safiya?” Majd’s tone was defiant. He did not like the girl’s plan. Going to find that young girl was a bad idea.

I don’t know. We’ll figure out a way.” She was confident in her answer. She dismissed his negativity. She wasn’t going to listen.

Majd shook his head. “We need to hide here until they give us what our assignments are.

And do what?! Should we just sit here and eat gruel?! I don’t want to wait. We haven’t heard anything from either of our conduits. For all we know, they are who sold us out!

Majd winced. “Don’t say that, Safiya! They wouldn’t sell us out! They are just letting us lie low. I am sure of it.

So they can let others continue to die? We know two of the one’s behind this and we killed another! We can help!

This Brandt that you spoke of will have everything under control. We have no need to go interfere if he is as powerful as you say.

And how long before they kill him? How long before they attack her? She’s 12. She is not yet what we are. She cannot protect herself. I need to be there to help her.

Why is she so important to you?” Majd slammed his fist down onto the table. The bowls of gruel that were in front of them each rattled. The outburst had been building up over the last day. Safiya had come to the decision that she was going to defy the wishes of the conduits. Such actions would place her with a mark. Defiance was not received well. He repeated this to her. Each time it was less than joyously received.

Safiya glared hatefully at him. She felt that he shouldn’t have to ask.

She is the same age that my sister would be today. She was there when my sister died. She is what I have left. I do not pretend to believe you would understand.” At the close of her mouth she stood and walked out of the room somehow moving around the narrow space without effort or delay.

Majd stared down at his bowl. His mind was torn: follow his friend or follow orders.


I knew you would try something,” Majd said expecting to surprise Safiya as she hunted for the keys to the sedan outside. She had no worries about stealing the vehicle. It was one of a few that the man and his mother kept hidden at the sight. She was sure he would have gladly given them one was she to ask, but she couldn’t risk otherwise. Each one functioned well. The black sedan was more abused though and she felt it easier to hide.

It was night. The moon illuminated the world in a blanket of an eerie white light. Most of the stars were visible as there was not much other light around. It was also dreadfully quiet.

You do not have to follow, just keep your mouth quiet until I am far enough away.

I will go with you,” he replied. The girl turned with a look of shock as she grabbed him. Her arms barely were able to wrap around him all of the way.

Thank you,” she said exasperated. “I thought I would be leaving you behind.

I cannot let you go alone. You are all I have left as well. I understand why you want to make sure she’s ok. We live in dark times. Any light is worth the trouble.

Safiya looked perplexed. “Dark times?

Sentries have killed others. We fight amongst ourselves. We have lost our way. We are in dark times.

She nodded as she let him go. “We will watch each other. We will keep each other safe.

They will try to kill us. I will not let that happen.

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If you would like to skip ahead, you are always welcome to purchase a copy, just click the link HERE (or click up top at the menu bar) to go to the book’s page where there are links to where it is available in both print and ebook.

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