I can say something,
About the way the light dances,
upon the pedals of the roses in the evening light.
The way your face echoes to me,
Like sound coming back over the ridge.
Is there a way I can contain myself?
Is there a way I can see life in death?
Nothing but mortal flashes of sleeping groans,
That shall invade my heart when matters press.
But what is it I truly desire?
I can see my life in ripples upon the water.
I can see nothing to bother with.
I feel like such things are so important,
Yet treat them as such trivial cares.
I take a look again at the ripples in the water,
As my tears continue to fall in the stream.


Poem written by Jeremy C Kester
Please do not replicate or use without written permission from author (seriously, just ask). Linking to this page is permitted.
©2018 Jeremy C Kester – All Rights Reserved

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