Her heart was beating furiously.  She gripped him tightly as they both rode from the danger.  They were both sure that it wasn’t over, but they could at least outrun it for now.  Cover would be brought to them in the forest if not for a little while.  There were other dangers that would be found there though.

As she let her breathing slow, she felt her rider suddenly go limp as he took an arrow through the head.  Fervently she looked around her trying to spot where it had come from.  She knew that she would have to take the reigns if she wanted to survive.  She could only hope to.

Without any thought, she let go her grip on the rider and tried pushing his body off.  The horse continued to ride true as the man fell off with a thud.  She nearly followed before finding the reins and pulling herself forward.

With the extra weight now free, the horse leapt forward with greater speed sensing the danger ever closer.

The girl looked forward, no longer concerned of what followed, if she was to even escape.


Short story/Flash-fiction by Jeremy C Kester

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