About: Of Earth and Ice

I am getting these out a little slower than I wanted to initially, but I promise to have them all my About the Book series out in due time. This one is about my science fiction dystopian novel, “Of Earth and Ice,” that I am putting out in 5 parts. Soon after will be the release of the full omnibus and print book.

Part 1: Loss of Limb is already available via ebook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords for only $0.99.

Unfortunately, I am only between 10% to 20% through writing part 2 as I had paused to write Gravity 4/5 and finish of The Dangerous Life of Agnes Pyle, my YA supernatural fantasy. The goal is to continue working through to the finish of the story until I finish, although I will still be working on other projects as well.

What’s the genre?

Of Earth and Ice is absolutely a science fiction dystopia. It follows a small society living life sometime after Earth has succumbed to being frozen over.

What’s it about?

Sometime in the future, humanity encountered a severe drop in global temperatures. How or why will maybe be explained in the book, but suffice to say those who remained on Earth struggle to survive in the cold. The various colonies or cities who live under the ice fight and struggle for resources.

Evie, who is an officer in the colony residing somewhere under what used to be Chicago long ago, is maimed and crippled in the first chapter of the book. No spoilers there. The problem is that the society is set up in a caste system, and she is a member of the lowest caste, an Iradile. It was only by extreme circumstances that she had been entitled with an officer’s rank in the first place.

Now being crippled, the very decision of her being added to that rank is coming into question. But there’s another problem: she’s also having an affair with a member of the high caste.

Evie’s dilemma not only threatens her own life, but she finds herself the central figure in a battle between those in power and those who want to be in power.

Part 1 deals a lot with the immediate aftermath of her injuries. Part 2 and onward will go deeper into the politics, history, and groups all vying for power with Evie caught in the middle.

Why did I start writing it? What were the inspirations behind it?

Much like Gravity started, I began with the writing of a scene. In this case, it was the aftermath of a battle where the character in question was wounded and running away, trying to survive. I’ve always liked the idea of a planet much like Hoth in Star Wars. Only in this case I imagined it being Earth some time in the distant future where all predictions on climate were horribly wrong and the Earth plummeted into a longer, more intense Ice Age.

Who are the main characters?

I’ve already mentioned Evie.

Some of the others are:

  • Geraldine (aka Gerald) who is in charge of the colony’s military and police.
  • Council Chair Urbina, the most powerful character in the story.
  • Dani, leader of one of the anti-political groups and owner of a popular bar Evie frequents.
  • Julien (aka Jules), a soldier under Evie’s command before her injuries who is one of her closest friends.

Why put it out in 5 parts?

It started as a web-serial really. But I eventually pulled it after my old site crashed and decided instead on the 5-part novel.

I first was introduced to this style of releasing books by Hugh Howey’s “Wool.” I read the first part as a short story and picked up the rest after he released the omnibus edition. He did it again with “Sand.”

I liked the idea because it gives readers an opportunity to read an unfinished book in a manner of speaking; although, admittedly, I didn’t follow the execution properly. I likely won’t do it again right away after this one. What I should have done is focus on the story alone until completion rather than changing direction and going on with something else.

It is likely that I’ll give it another shot in the future after I get a little more experience under my belt.


Hope you enjoyed this one. Please give at least the first part a try. If you like it, I’ll be putting out parts 2, 3, 4, and 5 over the next year.

Next up: The Good Teacher

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